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Spanish is the official language of 21 countries around the world (not to mention, pretty useful elsewhere, too), so if you love to travel, Spanish is the language for you. Here are five destinations where getting educated is more than half the fun.

1. Costa Rica

Combine your desire to learn Spanish with an eco-adventure and beach vacation at El Paraiso School. Located next to Manuel Antonio National Park, and with its own exotic fauna on the premises, you can go to classes in the morning and hit the beaches in the afternoon.

What: One to four week course options are available in mini groups or private one-on-one.
Where: Manuel Antonio, two-and-a-half hours' drive from the capital, San Jose.
Price: A one week course in a mini group (20 hours of tuition), the cost is $320 per person without accommodations, $445 with a homestay, or $425 in a shared student apartment. Private classes are only a little more with a week's course priced at $472, $597, and $577 respectively. Prices include textbook and materials, one surf or yoga class, refreshments, and wireless Internet.
Contact: El Paraiso School (tel. + 506/2777-4681;

2. Guatemala

Immerse yourself in the history and beauty of Guatemala's 16th century capital city, Antigua, and learn Spanish four hours a day at the Appe School, leaving plenty of time to discover the city's colonial charms.

What: Individual and group courses focusing on grammar, conversation and reading are available in one week increments.
Where: Calle Oriente in Antigua, one hour's drive from Guatemala City's International Airport.
Price: A one week course (20 hours of tuition) costs $75 in a group or $125 for private classes. A more intensive 30 hour week is $150 for private classes. There is a one-off $25 registration fee. Stay with a host family and get three meals a day for an additional $70 per week.
Contact: Appe School (tel. + 502/7882 4284;

3. Argentina

Study by day and learn the romance of tango by night with a course at Ibero Spanish School in Buenos Aires.

What: Individual and group courses (three to nine students) held in the mornings or afternoons.
Where: In a historic mansion (the childhood home of legendary Tango singer Carlos Gardel) on Calle Uruguay in central Buenos Aires Antigua.
Price: A one week course (20 hours of tuition) costs $100 in a group or $380 for private classes. Course materials, book, etc., cost an additional $25. Prices include a student discount card, conversation workshops, and Argentinean movies. Find student accommodations through Casa 34 ( from $360 per month.
Contact: Ibero Spanish School (tel. +54/11-5218-0240;

4. Peru

Take your studying to new heights and higher altitude with an intensive Spanish course in the Peruvian Andes at the Machu Picchu Spanish School and discover traditional Inca culture at your doorstep.

What: Private or group (four students maximum) classes for four hours per day, five days a week.
Where: Cusco, Peru -- a one hour's flight from the capital, Lima.
Price: A one-week course (20 hours of tuition) costs $130 in a group or $150 for private classes. Course materials, books, etc., cost an additional $25. Prices include pick-up service in Cusco, a welcome dinner, and study materials. Stay with a host family with meals included from $135 per week or in an apartment for $180.
Contact: Machu Picchu Spanish School (tel. +51/84-257635;

5. Chile

Heading south? The beautiful town of Pucon is located in central Chile, near the Huerquehue National Park, numerous hot springs, and the awesome Villarrica volcano, making it an ideal base for adventurous travelers.

What: Private, couple or group (four students maximum) classes for one to four weeks.
Where: Pucon, Chile -- a 90-minute flight or an overnight bus south from the capital, Santiago, or 130 miles from Bariloche.(Argentina).
Price: A two-week course (15 hours of tuition per week) costs $310 or an intensive one-on-one week with 15 hours of classes is $227. Prices include study materials, refreshments, and wireless Internet. Stay with a host family for $218 per week or $381 for a couple including all meals. Special discounted two week courses with accommodations packages start from $480.
Contact: Language Pucon (tel. +56/4544-4967;

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