The entire world watched this week as jubilant Germans celebrated the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. For many it was a keen reminder of what a vital, unusual and eminently visitable city Berlin has become. In fact, Berlin is now the third most visited city in Europe, after Paris and London.

In this week's CNN segment, Pauline Frommer traces the ways in which the phantom of the wall and the once-bifurcated city still shapes the visitor experience there. Among the topics she discusses:

  • "Ostalgia:" 1 in 7 Germans wish the wall hadn't fallen, according to a recent poll. A slew of new tours, attractions and even types of souvenirs are springing up celebrating the pre-unifications city.
  • The city's two newest museums, opening this fall.
  • Ways to take advantage of the city's kooky nightlife.

And more.

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