June 20, 2003 --The Colorado Directory is the only statewide travel guide for that Rocky Mountain state where the information is gathered in person, on location by the publisher, she says, and is available both in print form and on the Internet, which is updated daily. Best of all, it's free for the asking!

In the 24th annual edition, you'll find 17 different "Fun Things to Do" indices, including lists covering natural hot springs, horse riding, whitewater rafting and kayaking, Jeep and ATV rentals and tours, golfing, fishing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing.

If you're seeking a more laid back vacation, there's also bountiful information on cabins, cottages, vacation homes, mountain lodges, country bed & breakfast inns, suites, condos, motels, hotels, campgrounds and the like.

For those who are unwilling to part with their pooches while away, there's also an index of dog-friendly places. About two-thirds of the 518 places in the directory allow pets, says the publisher, Jenny Fitt-Peaster. Nonetheless, Fitt-Peaster points out, pet owners should always contact hosts prior to arrival when making reservations to double check on pet policies, fees, possible damage deposits and any pet-size restrictions.

Another index lists places to stay that are by the water. That amounts to about one quarter of the total number of lodging places listed. "By Water" means actually bordering water or having a lake or stream on the property. "In our By Water Index, we do not allow places that merely overlook but do not touch the water," says Jenny.

There's also a Fishing Index, listing 186 places that have fishing on the site or within a short drive. There are 43 places that feature rafting and kayaking, too.

To get the directory mailed to you, phone the publishers at 888/222-4641 or visit

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