Frommer's is getting real as cast members of MTV's The Real World Paris are working as travel writers in the 13th season of the hit series. Under the discerning direction of the Frommer's management team, the seven housemates will run after, research and review Paris-based hotels, restaurants, attractions -- heck, just about anything that goes in a guide. While they roam Paris, the MTV cameras capture their every mood and movement.

As the series unfolds, viewers can follow the lives of the seven cast members -- four men and three women from 18 to 24 years-old -- as they work as travel writers under the guidance of Frommer's Publishing Director Brice Gosnell, and Frommer's Paris expert David Applefield. The new travel series will be written specifically for the college-age traveler. Working closely with Gosnell and Applefield, the cast uncovers the best of Paris, and learns how to critique restaurants and write honest, insightful reviews of hotels and attractions. If you've ever wanted to see the hard work that goes into writing the most popular travel guides on the market, here's your chance.

The cast will also do what they know best -- report first-hand on the hottest Paris clubs and nightlife. Toward the middle of the season, viewers will get a chance to vacation with the cast as they set out on a journey across Europe to southern France, Switzerland and Italy.

As always, this year's youthful cast finds themselves in an amazing house as they reside in a charming four-story chateau located in the quaint town of Le Vesinet, right outside Paris. In contrast to previous seasons, the cast is confronted with the unique challenge of adjusting to a new culture and a foreign language. Viewers will also accompany the roommates as they forge a trail of romance and adventure through the City of Light.

Catch The Real World Paris on Tuesday nights at 10:00 p.m. (EST/PST) on MTV to learn more about how Frommer's goes about the craft of travel writing.