Holiday Road Trips 101: Staying Safe on Highways and Byways

By Pauline Frommer

Driving to see relatives for the holidays? We've gathered tips from top experts to make the trip more enjoyable....and less hazardous.

Gas, Food, Lodging, Payola: Why You Can't Trust Those Highway Signs

By Jason Cochran

Signs along the Interstate tell you which restaurants and hotels are nearby—but how did those signs get there?

Get Your Kicks on Route 66

By Roxie Pell

Travel Expert Jim Hinckley on Route 66 and the Great American Road Trip Today


8 Day Trip Destinations Near San Francisco

By Avital Binshtock

From bustling urban centers to pristine natural settings, Northern California can please even the pickiest of travelers. Here are eight day trips within a two-hour drive from San Francisco.

Los Angeles: Route 66 at the End of the Line

By Robert Haru Fisher

The legends surrounding that most famous of all U.S. highways, Route 66, seem to pile one atop another. You can see where they ended up at 66's terminal just north of Downtown Los Angeles.

Can You See This Now? Travel Tips From the Verizon Test Guys

By Sascha Segan

Verizon Wireless puts drivers on highways, streets, and country lanes to make sure its phones work. We talked to a few of them to get their on-the-ground tips for seeing Atlanta, LA, and Pennsylvania.

Earmark Tourism: Your Tax Dollars At Work

By Sascha Segan

Presidential candidate John McCain has made a big deal about government earmarks. Here's our list of 5 federally-funded sites not to visit followed by our top 5 places you might actually want to go.

Highway 1: The Route to the Best of Maine

By Charis Atlas Heelan

Historic cities, landmark lighthouses, quintessential lobster shacks, and antique emporiums, make for an idyllic New England journey.

Hog Heaven: Motorcycle Adventures in the Smoky Mountains

By Charis Atlas Heelan

The roads around the Smoky Mountains were made for motorcycles and exploring the Smokies on two wheels gives you the freedom to discover the region at your own pace.

Plucky Survivors 3: 200 Miles for a Hot Dog

By Mary Herczog

This road trip is about the journey, not the destination -- or perhaps it's about all the little destinations on the way.

Plucky Survivors See America 3: Following the Food

By Mary Herczog

Why mapping a road trip with pork-grease-stained hands is an excellent way to plan any American journey.

Plucky Survivors See America 3: The Plucky Shall Rise Again

By Mary Herczog

Two years ago, two friends struggling with grave health issues decided the only suitable way to celebrate life was to visit the world's largest ball of twine. This year, the Pluckies are back on the road and heading on a loop through the U.S. southeast.

Racing Hotspots to Get Your NASCAR Fix

By Charis Atlas Heelan

Summer means hot sunny days, plenty of partying and adrenalin-racing action, especially if you'll be hitting the speedways around the country to watch NASCAR, the United State's largest spectator sport.

Roman All Over Provence and Languedoc

By Charis Atlas Heelan

The Ancient Romans were prolific builders and imperialists and southern France was one of their favorite stomping grounds. What remains today are some outstanding examples of engineering, town planning, architecture and grandeur.

Born in the U.S.A.: Summer Tours of American Factories

By Carrie Havranek

Beer, coffee, hot sauce, and more -- get up close to the nation's assembly lines without getting your hands too dirty.

French Driving Basics: Kilometers, Roundabouts and $10 a Gallon Gas

By Charis Atlas Heelan

The challenge was to rent a car in France, drive around for ten days and return with sanity, marriage, and bank balance intact. The result: Easier than anyone would expect.

Batter Up for a Sunny Spring Training and Tokyo Season Opener

By Charis Atlas Heelan

Get the jump on the 2008 MLB season with training trips to Arizona and Florida and exhibition matches in Japan.

Obama, Popcorn & Hobo Queens: Plucky Survivors Roll Through Iowa

By Mary Herczog

On Wednesday alone, we met a Presidential candidate, a Hobo Queen and slept where a President slept. And that's not counting the ice cream breakfast and the big ball of popcorn.

Keep Up with the Plucky Survivors' Midwest Roadtrip

By Mary Herczog

Six days into this year's tour we've seen thriving, picture-postcard ready small towns, a sharp contrast to the faded abandoned places we were so dismayed over in the South during last year's Plucky Survivors.

Plucky Survivors See America 2: The Midwest Express

By Mary Herczog

Last year we took an epic, 2,300 mile, nine-day trip down the highways, byways and back roads of the southern United States. We're back this year with a mid-western journey through the Spam Museum, the Blue Bunny ice cream factory, the Museum of Funeral Customs and all that's sublime and ridiculous.

Rein in Wyoming's Rich, Wild History in Cody

By Robert Haru Fisher

From buffalos -- Bills and bisons -- to river rafting, Cody opens the door to Wyoming's past and its wide range of activities.

RVing Utah's National Park Country

By Harry Basch & Shirley Slater

Because so much of Utah is public land, it makes an ideal getaway for RVers, especially those who enjoy self-contained camping in parklands and the wilderness.

Plan Your Peeping Now for Fall Foliage Fun

By Carrie Havranek

I know: it's still July, and some of us have yet to take a summer vacation. But the fliers in the Sunday paper have already signaled the seasonal barrage of back-to-school promotions, which means school, and fall, are not far behind.

Six Weekend Road Trip Pairs

By Erika Clarke

Summer is the time when we all dream of embarking on long trips to faraway locales, taking an extended leave of absence to live that dream. While work and responsibilities may prevent that from being your reality, weekends still exist -- which means it's time for some mini-road tripping.

Take This Job and Love It: Summer Factory Tours in the USA

By Carrie Havranek

For those who are interested in something quirky, educational and fun to do this summer, a factory tour fits the bill.