[Editor's Note: Last week, we introduced you to the Plucky Survivors and their journey across parts of the American South. Today, we check in on where they've been and what they've seen.]

Day One of Plucky Surivors See America brought us philosophical meditations on Britney Spears, barbecue, burgers, and the disturbing realization that Rick didn't spend enough time looking at the legend of the maps when he planned the route, but at least the results earned us immediate road trip cred.

With Day Two under our belt, we got an insider lowdown on the last minutes of Bonnie and Clyde, plus a tour of the current state of small-town America, more good road food and a particularly brutal second match of Cow, a game designed to wile away the driving hours that has proven a metaphor for life.

Read Day Three, in which our Plucky Survivors break the Internet in an entire town, travel 260-some-odd miles of windy Ozark road, experience unexpected ups and downs in that day's game of Cow, confront creationism head-on, go to great (somewhat illegal) lengths to visit to Dinosaur World, are somewhat nauseated by Branson, are unexpectedly amused at Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede, and, oh yeah, Rick is 40, finally, and he did it in front of a giant ball of twine.

On Day Four, we get up early, bright-eyed and bushy tailed armed with maps and a fine-honed sense of direction that lead us exactly to the place we're going in record time. Either that or we drive around in a big circle for 90 minutes and wind up, more or less, where we started.

Day Five, the halfway point, it's from Little Rock to Memphis: pies, barbeque, Elvis, Soul, and a startling score in Cow.

And there's still four more days to go! Join us for the ride, won't you?