Two years ago, best friends and travel writers Rick Garman and Mary Herczog, each struggling with grave health issues, decided the only suitable way to celebrate life, friendship, fortitude and Rick turning forty was to go to Branson, MO to see the world's largest ball of twine. This turned into an over 2,000 mile roadtrip that was so epic it could only be called Plucky Survivors See America. Along the way, they stopped a museum and roadside attractions, learned that there is sometimes a fine line between sublime and ridiculous, marveled at achievements great and small, mused on the nature of humanity, and also ate a lot of pie and barbeque. Knowing a good thing when they eat it, they did the same last year, only this time traveling through the Midwest, where they chatted with a real life hobo at the Hobo Museum, paid respects at Abraham Lincoln's burial site, learned the history of Spam and that of the Negro League, and also spent some time at Hog Fest, surely the greatest event in the history of pork.

This year, the Pluckies are back on the road, heading through the south, from Atlanta to Savannah, Charleston to Myrtle Beach, and more stops in Asheville, Knoxville and Lexington, returning eventually to Atlanta. As always, we recognize that awesome comes in many shapes, and so we will be visiting not just the Martin Luther King National Historic Site and the Scopes Monkey Trial Museum, but also the Colonel Sanders Museum and a 52-hole, Biblically themed mini-golf course. We will travel 100 miles out of our way for a hot dog, and be judges for part of the South Carolina State BBQ championships. Each day, we will write about our adventures, complete with photos and an update on the score of that day's round of Cow!, the best road trip car game there is. At least, we think so, anyway.

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