Devaluation of the British Pound Has Made Attendance at the Oxford and Cambridge Summer Schools Much Cheaper Than Before

By Arthur Frommer

The smart way to take advantage of the U.K.'s slumping pound? Enroll in the summer programs at Oxford or Cambridge. 

The Ultimate Family Road Trip: Visiting Colleges

By Pauline Frommer

Helping your kids find the right college will put some mileage on your car...and some wrinkles on your forehead. Here are some tips on how to make seeing colleges—and the road trips that can involve–a successful activity.

Malia Obama Brings Back the "Gap Year"—Here's Why Every Student Should Take One (and How)

By Pauline Frommer

What You and Your Teen Should Know About Planning a Successful—and Peripatetic—Gap Year


How to Get Amtrak's Student Discount

By Jason Cochran

The United States' national railway service offers a student discount to people aged 17 to 25. It's not hard to get, but there are a few rules to follow. Here's how to book a student discount on Amtrak.

Cruise U: Setting Your Mind Adrift with a Purpose

By Heidi Sarna

It's safe to assume St. Augustine, who said 'The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page,' would have approved of The Scholar Ship, a sea-going university.

Last Chance to Learn the Art of Travel Writing this Winter in Key West

By The Frommer's Staff

Whether you intend to make travel writing your full-time profession, a source for some extra income or just want to improve your blog, you should look into this course.

Go on a Euro Trip!

By The Frommer's Staff, Dreamworks & Contiki Holidays are sending one lucky winner & a guest to Europe! Register now to win this vacation!

A Little Bit about Hanging Out

By The Frommer's Staff

Unless you've committed to seeing Europe through the moving tinted window of a tour bus, pretty soon you're going to want to get past the initial strangeness and get with it. And to really be able to do that, you need someone to invite you in, show you where the action is. When that actually happens, what could have been just another cute postcard turns into a new chapter in your life.