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About Frommer's

Booking Partners

At Frommer's we are committed to providing the highest quality information to help you fulfill your travel-planning needs. To that end, we have partnered with third-party commerce companies to allow you to conveniently click and purchase travel products and services from links on

In some instances we may receive a commission for any purchases that are made by you on partner sites. Frommer's does not share any of your personal information with our partners, and we do not receive detailed information on your itineraries or purchases. However, in order to determine these commissions, we may send a tracking number to the third-party company. Although we have hand-selected each of these partners, none of the transactions actually occur on our web site so we suggest you review the specific privacy policy of the appropriate partners for more information before booking. If you have further questions about the booking process or privacy policies of our partners, please contact the third-party company directly.