A Round-Up of the Small Improvements That Are Making Traveling More Enjoyable

By Pauline Frommer

Posted on 02/16/2014, 5:00 PM

We may travel to see the Grand Canyon, the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal—big experiences all. But sometimes it’s the small touches that can make the difference between a happy vacation and one that feels, well, like a bumpy ride. Here are some new, if small, developments that I'm grateful for: 1) Advanced amenities at hotels: We’ve all come to expect hair dryers, shower caps and sewing ki...

Apps That Get You There: Travel Helpers, Both New and Improved

By Pauline Frommer

Posted on 02/16/2014, 4:45 PM

Back in the day, hitting the road would mean hitching up your horse, or filling up the car. Today, making sure your smart phone or tablet is adequately juiced is as crucial a pre-trip step. Especially if you have one of the following apps one your device: Waze: The purgatory of traffic jams is avoided, or at least lessened, by this app, which uses crowd sourcing to warn motorists of bottlenec...

Approaching the Final Stop of the Frommer's Book Tour: Denver! We'll Be At the Oriental Theater on February 18 at 7pm

By Pauline Frommer

Posted on 02/14/2014, 3:15 PM

Its been a blast seeing the United States on this recent book tour. But all good things must come to an end and the end for the Frommer's 2014 book tour comes this upcoming Tuesday at 7pm. We're thrilled that BookBar (our host) will be putting our event in the Oriental Theater. But as always, the event will be free to all comers and my father and I hope to meet a lot of avid travelers there. ...

The Frommer's Book Tour Heads South: New Orleans Is the Spot: Tuesday February 11 at 6 PM

By Pauline Frommer

Posted on 02/10/2014, 7:15 AM

Sometimes life is good. And it certainly is when you get to spend anytime in New Orleans. But my guess is that even the lucky residents of that beautiful city need a change of landscape every once in a while. So I'm hoping they'll come out to talk travel on Tuesday, February 11 at Garden District Books (2727 Prytania St.). It should be a fun event, at which you'll learn tricks for saving mone...

The Travel Ins and Outs Of Long Distance Relationships: A Conversation with Romance Expert Andrea Syrtash

By Pauline Frommer

Posted on 02/04/2014, 9:30 AM

According to the Center for the Study of Long Distance Relationships (yes, that’s a real organization), some 14 million Americans are involved with people who live a long way from them. Even more astonishing, some 4 million of those couples are married. Obviously, keeping these types of relationships alive requires a good deal of travel. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I decided to interview...

The Frommer's Book Tour Returns to California: San Diego on February 5 and Los Angeles on February 8

By Pauline Frommer

Posted on 02/01/2014, 9:00 PM

It has been so wonderful meeting readers across the United States on this book tour. For the next two stops, it's a return to the great state of California. On February 5 at 7:30pm, I'mhonored to be speaking at Warwick's Books in La Jolla, an institution that has been around since 1896, making it the USA's oldest family-owned and operated bookstore. The address is 7812 Gerard Avenue in La Jol...

Gracious Charlotte, NC Here We Come! Arthur & Pauline Frommer to Speak on January 31 at 7pm at Park Road Books

By Pauline Frommer

Posted on 01/30/2014, 11:45 AM

After a brief but wonderfully sunny spell in Miami, we're off to Charlotte to talk with the good folks here about balmy vacations (and other travel matters). We hope you'll join us, and our sponsor Allianz Travel Insurance, at what will undoubtedly be a very fun evening of travel talk. Our topic will be the top trends in travel, how to save money whether you're a backpacker or a (frugal) billio...

Trends and Tips on Traveling with a Disability From Candy Harrington, The Top Expert in this Field

By Pauline Frommer

Posted on 01/28/2014, 8:30 AM

Between 14% and 21% of North Americans have some sort of disability. In the bad old days, that would have meant a stay-at-home life. Not so anymore. I sat down and spoke with Candy Harrington, author of “101 Accessible Vacations: Travel Ideas for Wheelers and Slow Walkers”, and a blogger at, to learn more about the issues that confront travelers with disabilities. Fromm...

Next Up On The Frommer's Book Tour: Coral Gables, FL on January 27

By Pauline Frommer

Posted on 01/27/2014, 10:15 AM

Not to gloat, but there are perks to dashing around the country on a book tour, especially if it takes you to gorgeous Miami. I'm typing this in front of a swimming pool, as I check over my notes on a speech that tells folks how to get to places this lovely. And for Miami, that will likely include ski destinations (we're constantly changing the speech we give). So if you live in this wonder...

West Coast and Then Back East: The Frommers Book Tour Heads to Seattle and Philadelphia

By Pauline Frommer

Posted on 01/22/2014, 12:15 AM

Thanks to all who made our appearance at Powell's such a wonderful experience (especially the wonderful staff of that famed bookstore). We're now in Seattle, where we'll be appearing on January 23 at Third Place Books (6504 Twentieth Ave. NE) at 7pm. To publicize the appearance and the new Frommer book series, we'll be appearing on January 22 at noon on KOMO Radio, the 24 Hour News show with ...

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