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Eureka! You Can Enjoy a Round-Trip Price of $566 between New York and Paris from November 4 until December 15 on That Reluctant Airline, "XL"

     When you call to make a booking (to 877/496-9889), you often speak to a telephone reservationist whose command of French is better than her grasp of English.  And because of that, they sometimes seem surprised to receive your English-language call.  But if you persist in a booking requests made to XL Airways, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that this French upstart airline is charging only $566 for round-trip flights between New York (JFK Airport) and Paris (Charles de Gaulle) on its Monday and Thursday flights from November 4 until December 15.  In fact, there are hints that the same fare may be available for dates well beyond December 15, and into the early months of 2014. 

     (And the price includes all taxes, fees, and fuel surcharge).

     XL Airways is a long-established French carrier flying trans-Atlantic between the U.S. and France, among other places.  It has operated flights from New York to Paris for at least the last three years, but has seemed strangely reluctant at times to publicize its services to an American audience.  That's probably because it feels it can fill most seats with French travelers emanating from Paris. 

     This emphasis on a French audience seems to have ended--at least temporarily.  XL is actually posting ads nowadays on the internet, revealing its services in English and to American travelers.  So at least for the time being, us Yanks wanting to fly cheaply to Paris have an excellent chance to do so.  Simply phone the above number, and be persistent when the XL reservationist seems surprised to be receiving a call from a U.S.-emanating passenger.