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Fly to London for $787, Including Taxes, Thanks to British Airways' Astounding Fare Sale

If you were hoping to go to London, now's the time to leap and make the booking. Prices just don't get this good.

To promote the introduction of its new 787 Dreamliner aircraft, British Airways is hosting a fare sale for $787 good for round-trip airfare to London from either Toronto or New York City, the two routes the aircraft serves.  That's good for travel for dates from October to March from Toronto or Newark.

The airfares I found were actually cheaper: $781.66 That figure includes the onerous $681.66 in taxes and fees levied by government and by Heathrow, the destination airport. You will never get out of that huge price tag in fees, no matter what the airlines charge.

That means—incredibly—that British Airways is selling airfare for just $100. The rest is comprised of mandatory charges.

Put simply, you will not find a deal this low for a long, long time.

The sale is being promoted on, and we are told the airline will end the sale on July 1 (Monday). We can presume there are a very limited number of seats at this price and when they're gone, it's over. At prices like these, that could be a matter of hours.