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Head to South Africa This Spring! Full Tours, Including Airfare from the US and Within Country, a Safari and More For Just $1499

Let me start by saying that we have no affiliation whatsoever with smarTours, the tour operator behind this deal. But when we get a press release that makes our jaws hit the floor, well, our fingers just have to start typing.

I can only imagine it's the Ebola scare that is responsible for this bargain basement pricing (and to be clear: there are no cases of Ebola in South Africa, but travel to ALL of Africa has been badly hurt by the epidemic). How else to explain a tour that includes international airfare (from New York City; its cost alone is usually $1100 or so), in-country flights, 6 nights' hotel stays (4 in Cape Town and 2 in Kruger National Park), a safari, lots of other sightseeing and more meals....for just $1499?

There is one gotcha: that's the cost for just two early March departures. But heck, after that the price rises to $1599, which is still thousands of dollars less than we usually see for a tour with airfare and these types of inclusions. Oh, and for that price you have to pay by check, not credit card. So we'd recommend that you get travel insurance. Not that smarTours is a fly-by-night operation; it's been operating, and even getting accolades, for many decades now. But for a purchase this big, you want insurance.

But enough of me blathering on. For more information, or to book, click here.