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My Knee-Jerk (Ouch!) Reaction to American Airlines' Plans to Add Even More Seats to Its Planes

My knees are aching just writing this. And my laptop's cover is quivering in fear. But here goes:

In a regulatory filing yesterday, AMR Corp disclosed its plans to add more seats to some of its planes, according to the Associated Press.

An airline spokesperson said the seats would be added on 737's and MD-80 jets, but declined to say just what the new configurations would be like. But unless passengers are going to be sitting in the aisles, it seems unlikely they'll be able to make this addition without impacting leg room.

Which leads to the question: do they plan to on becoming a kids-only carrier? Because I don't know who else is going to be able to squeeze their legs into those small spaces anymore.  And I say that as someone who's achieved the towering height of 5'3.

Start practicing your yoga, folks. The days of flying while bent into the shape of a pretzel are here.