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One Resort in the U.S. Virgin Islands Stands a Good Chance of Being the First to Reopen after Hurricane Irma | Frommer's Cinnamon Bay

One U.S. Virgin Islands Resort Stands a Good Chance of Reopening First

Back in July, it was announced that a new management company had taken over the unique tented community known as Cinnamon Bay on the gorgeous island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  The news was greeted with enthusiasm by the tens of thousands of unpretentious, cost-conscious tourists who, over the years, have used large tents as their beachfront accommodations in St. John.
The new managers announced the erection of an additional 54 so-called "eco-tents" on wooden platforms—tents large enough to accommodate a wide double bed and chest of drawers for storage. The tents would rent in off-season for $109 per tent (not per person, but per tent) and in high season for a big $149 a night (an astonishing low rate for the winter Caribbean). These would supplement some 50-or-so other tents that shared a white sand beach at even lower rates. An always-open restaurant and several bath facilities would make Cinnamon Bay into a comfortable location for a spectacular Caribbean vacation.
That was in July.  Subsequently, Hurricane Irma bore down on the U.S. Virgin Islands and we can only assume tat the tents were dismantled in advance of the storm.  
But tents are unlike hotels or other solid buildings. A tent can be taken down quite quickly, and then re-erected with ease once the storm threat has ended. And I’m willing to bet that the proprietors of that tented community have already restored Cinnamon Bay to its earlier state, and they should be able to reopen for business when the island restores its services.
Here, then, is your chance to return to that remarkable island of St. John, of which most is a U.S. National Park occupying one of the most scenic beachfront locations in all the Caribbean. Before re-construction is completed on the traditional accommodations in St. John, Cinnamon Bay will undoubtedly already be open for business.  
Call first, of course (to “Cinnamon Bay” in St. John). And make sure that the airport of nearby St. Thomas is once again in operation. Having used air transportation to arrive there, you then board a short ferry for the seaside ride to St. John, and you will once again enjoy a tropical vacation that legions of admirers claim to be the best in the world—on St. John, the U.S. Virgin Islands.