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Puzzled by Our New “Search Flights--Powered by Momondo” Button? Here’s the Explanation of a Powerful New Service That Brings You Big Advantages!

It appears at the bottom, left-hand corner of that splashy photograph that spreads across the entire top of our main menu page, a cut-out reading:  “Search Flights--Powered by Momondo”  Simply click on the words “Search Flights” and you’ll be instantly taken to one of travel’s best sources of discounted, low cost airfares for both domestic and international trips.

The provider of those excellent, rub-your-eyes fares?  It’s Momondo, a Danish firm working with us Yanks at  And therein lies a tale.  

There was a time when American airfare search engines dominated the field.  People had few alternatives but to access the well-known Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz to buy most of their air tickets.  But despite their early domination of the airfare field, rumors spread that these U.S.-based services didn’t always supply you with objective information.  Some of them, it was claimed (rightly or wrongly), were giving preference to favorite airlines.  Others were failing to list the fares of the budget airlines.  Occasionally, the critics whispered, they just didn’t do the job they were claiming to perform.

And suddenly, into the field of the airfare search engines, came the Europeans--led by a company headquartered in Copenhagen called “Momondo”.  Companies like Momondo boasted that they had access to the same raw material of airfares as were available to the U.S. giants.  They could, said Momondo, work just as effectively in your behalf, even when it came to buying tickets between Kansas City and Dallas, Texas.  And lo and behold, a segment of the American public began relying on Momondo for their ticket purchases, even from Los Angeles to Miami, St. Louis to Minneapolis, Seattle to Memphis, Tennessee (as well as Chicago to Frankfurt, or St. Louis to Rome).  

     We at have been long-time fans of Momondo--and not simply because they’re Danish (the nicest people in the world).  We simply have a soft spot in our heart for the upstart, the feisty types who don’t hesitate to take on giants.  And therefore we have now arranged with Momondo to place their airfares on, side by side with some of our juiciest general information about destinations.  

     So, click on the words “Search Flights” and you’ll be taken instantly to a space where you are asked

to list the place from which you’re flying and the place to which you want to go, the dates of your flight(s), and the number of people going.  And shazam!  Up will come news from Momondo of remarkable airfares and the simple procedures for getting them.  And alongside this airfare information, you’ll also see a write-up (provided by about the destination to which you’re flying.

     Try it.  We think you’ll be impressed by the money you save by using Momondo for your next trip, either within the U.S. or internationally.  We also think that on an impressive number of occasions, you’ll find that Momondo leads you to airfares and flight opportunities that are unique to them.

     So Meet the Danes!  And use the Momondo service on to book your next flight!