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Reports: The TSA Speeds Up Lines By Allowing Shoes, Fully Packed Bags

For weeks, the news has been clogged with reports that airports were often seeing lines of as long as two hours for security clearance.

According to independent reports on Twitter today, the Transportation Security Administration has resorted to speeding up lines by instructing passengers not to remove their shoes, the way they have been forced to do for 15 years. This comes the day after the TSA's head was forced out for failing to have adequate staff on hand to deal with the volume of passengers.

Just a few of the tweets coming from across the United States today:

Shoes may be remaining on today, but the TSA apparently isn't cutting every corner. Liquids are still a concern:

If you have traveled today, have you encountered a loosening of the rules by the TSA, and did that seem to be speeding up the checkpoint?  

Update: The TSA told Frommer's that when is uses canines to detect for explosives, passengers may be excluded from more invasive screening. It would not directly confirm that it was doing so in response to long wait times.