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Privilege Aluxes, Isla Mujeres

The Caribbean's Newest Resorts are Now North of Cancun, Reports Arthur Frommer

We Americans tend to have widely divergent views about Mexico. Some regard that nation as a place of constant poverty and problems. Other more perceptive types are aware of Mexico’s skyrocketing rise in the world of tourism.  

Mexico is currently enjoying a major increase in its yearly number of international visitors, and similar advances in many other industries. In particular, giant new hotels and resorts are in construction all over that country.

A typical example is in that portion of the Mexican Caribbean just north of popular Cancun.


The area is known by its association with the female gender: Playa Mujeres and Isla Mujeres (“Women’s Beach” and “A Woman’s Isle”).  

In that area of Mexico, you’ll find a broad array of several brand new hotels and resorts, many with the words Mujer or Mujeres in their names.

Read the descriptions of these hotels, and you’ll find that they are all giant edifices located squarely on the beach, all with the most modern of facilities and rooms.

And because so many of these Mujer or Mujeres hotels are all spanking new as of November 2018, their prices for this first year of operation are bound to be less than they will ultimately charge.  

For the price of a moderate hotel room, you’ll enjoy a tropical vacation in the single-most modern hotels in travel today.


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