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Why Don't More People Think of Renting an RV from a Private RV Owner? | Frommer's Willian Justen de Vasconcellos/Unsplash

Why Don't More People Think of Renting an RV from a Private RV Owner?

Probably the most misunderstood, most underused travel facility is the recreational vehicle capable of both housing and driving a family. 
All over America, persons own such RVs, but a good percentage of them make only a sporadic use of the vehicles they own. For much of the year, their RV remains parked in their garage or outside their home.
This is such an underuse of valuable facilities, which cost as much as $70,000 to purchase. Their owners make almost no use at all of the RV during important holiday times—like Easter, like Thanksgiving, like Spring Break, like Christmas.  Yet it’s precisely at those times that other Americans eager for a vacation could make an excellent use of the unused RV—and would make a decent payment for the privilege.
Those Americans who occasionally rent out their RVs enjoy a welcome source of extra income. But those Americans who rent the RVs enjoy a corresponding benefit: transportation, accommodations at a moderate cost, and the ability to cook their own meals.
A number of people I know make use of a rented RV to visit the Grand Canyon. They bring their accommodations and meals with them and enjoy total flexibility in the itineraries they follow.
Now, how can you make a reliable and safe rental of an RV you own, or obtain a well-functioning RV for your own use?  Based on multiple recommendations, it appears that two companies are among the leaders (which doesn’t mean that there aren’t others): and
Both companies appear to take fine care of the RVs they handle, and both affix $1 million insurance policies to the RVs they rent.  
If you, the RV owner, will also make a background check of the people who will be using your vehicle (seeking traffic violations and the like), you can in all likelihood enjoy a trouble-free rental.

And you should usually set a daily mileage limit to ensure that the vehicle is not overused. (Persons who do exceed mileage expectations are then charged for the extra mileage.)
Next time you plan a family vacation, give some thought to renting an RV.