In a First, Alaska Requiring Covid-19 Tests from Other Americans

By Jason Cochran

Posted on 06/04/2020, 2:00 PM

American travelers are finding that the rest of the world doesn't trust them to be coronavirus-free. Several European countries now insist on seeing fresh results of a Covid-19 test before admitting visitors. And now, for the first time, an American state will demand a test result from other Americans. Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy announced that as of Friday, June 5, visitors to his state from ...

A Statement from Arthur Frommer on #BlackLivesMatter and Racial Discrimination

By Arthur Frommer

Posted on 06/04/2020, 8:00 AM

As persons dedicated to the world of travel, the staff, writers, and editors of Frommer Media have had the unique chance to encounter both racial tolerance and racial discrimination in all their forms.  And we here dedicate ourselves to every form of racial tolerance and to the love between all peoples regardless of their race.   In our writings and our publications, we will join with those ...

Vegas Weakens on Resort Fees: Can We Deliver the Knockout Punch?

By Jason Cochran

Posted on 06/03/2020, 4:00 PM

Las Vegas casino hotels are back in business—but that doesn't mean business is good. Returning casinos have been dealt a potentially losing hand: Health measures have taken away buffets, shows, and free-flowing booze.  Signs of desperation are everywhere. Parking used to be one of the most reliable perks at the casinos, but in recent years, owners got greedy and brought in charges. Follow...

The First Cruise Line Safety Plan Is Out: Acid Fogs and No Buffets

By Jason Cochran

Posted on 06/02/2020, 3:00 PM

In April, the Centers for Disease Control extended a ban on large cruise ships calling on U.S. ports that is slated to expire in July. When the agency did that, it sent a strong message to cruise line operators: Get your safety protocols together or we may extend the ban again. In the intervening two months, Norwegian Cruise Line has flirted with bankruptcy and faced investigation for deceptive...

Will Hawaii Secede from the United States? Touristically, We Mean

By Pauline Frommer

Posted on 06/01/2020, 12:00 PM

Imagine if Gov. Andrew Cuomo were to meet with the New York State Legislature to propose a special relationship that only applied to New York State and France. "Because the Empire State and the great country of France have a shared level of sophistication, a shared love of good food and wine, and similar political leanings, we are going to make it easier for French citizens to visit New York," ...

Will Airline Service Cuts Turn Parts of USA Into No-Go Zones?

By Pauline Frommer

Posted on 06/01/2020, 10:00 AM

Like our nation's highway system, airlines play a vital role in knitting together the country, allowing for commerce as well as travel between the states. That's why the federal government's airline bailout was contingent on the carriers promising to maintain service to American airports big and small. But there was a loophole: Airlines were given the right to petition the government to drop...

Frontier Airlines Is Now Checking Temperatures—Will It Matter Much?

By Jason Cochran

Posted on 06/01/2020, 12:00 AM

Nearly a month ago, Frontier Airlines announced that it would be the first U.S. airline to screen passengers for high temperatures. Several weeks have gone by, but on June 1, the budget airline's policy finally goes into effect. Now customers will be scanned with a touchless thermometer, and anyone whose body temperature exceeds 100.7°F (38.1°C) will not be permitted to board. Checking tempe...

There's More Room at the Inns of the National Parks This Summer. Here's Why

By Pauline Frommer

Posted on 05/29/2020, 11:00 AM

Americans who visited a U.S. national park in recent years might have learned something surprising: Though the parks are America’s greatest treasures, it is foreign visitors who seem to treasure them most. At the Grand Canyon, Acadia, Yosemite, Bryce Canyon, or one of the other top parks, you were as likely to overhear conversations in German, French, or Mandarin as in English. For obvious r...

Cyprus Takes a Humane and Ethical Approach to Reopening to Tourism

By Pauline Frommer

Posted on 05/28/2020, 11:00 AM

If you've visited Cyprus, you know that it's the local custom for some Cypriots to greet everyone, whether they know them or not, with a friendly smile and a "Ya Su." Though that's usually translated as "hello," the real meaning is, "I wish you good health." So it shouldn't come as a surprise that the Republic of Cyprus is trying to kick-start its tourism industry by promising to work for the h...

Japan Wants to Pay for Part of Domestic Travel To Boost Tourism

By Jason Cochran

Posted on 05/26/2020, 3:00 PM

Hiroshi Tabata, chief of the Japanese Tourism Agency, announced in a press conference his intention to help revive visitation to his country by discounting vacations there. Tokyo's Summer Olympic Games won't happen in 2020 and may not even be realized in 2021, so Japan is mounting a lavish plan to stimulate tourism through other means. Details are still being sketched out and there is no start ...

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