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30-Acre Re-Creation of The Flintstones' Bedrock Can Be Yours

It’s a real estate opportunity that comes along once in a Stone Age: You can be the proud owner of a full-scale, real-life version of Bedrock from the classic animated sitcom “The Flintstones.”
The 30-acre spread, a master architecture class in mid-century Road Trip Folly, comes complete with a gift shop, a diner serving 5¢ coffee, RV park, campground, and a full-size brontosaurus with a slide built into its tail. 
Bedrock City was opened in 1972 at the junction of highways 64 and 180 near Williams, Arizona, to capture tourist traffic headed from the Interstate to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Back then, the groundbreaking show, which originally ran from 1960 to 1966 on prime-time ABC, was beloved by adults and children alike and played in heavy rotation in syndication on UHF channels. 
But now the Flintstones are a part of American consumer prehistory and the family that has run Bedrock City for 44 years is, understandably, over it. It’s asking $2 million for the plot, as-is, including their four-bedroom home, so they can clear out.
Many of the concrete, hovel-style structures, sculptures, signs, and dinosaur sculptures are falling apart after nearly 45 years under the desert sun, which makes it feel more like a ghost town (or a grim archeological discovery of primitive suburban man) than a thriving animated community. And here's the catch that has kept it on the market for a few years: The new owner won’t be able to keep the Flintstones branding—that license expires upon resale. 
Still, some 5 million people drive past on their way to the Grand Canyon each year, which perhaps makes this roadside attraction a perfect fixer-upper for a buyer who has an inspiration to yabba-dabba-do it.
Bedrock City in better days (2007) (Photo credit: