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50 Percent Off a Save-Now, Go-Later Mexican Luxury Beach Vacation | Frommer's Zky Lobby Lounge and Bar, The Fives Beach

50 Percent Off a Save-Now, Go-Later Mexican Luxury Beach Vacation

In normal times, it can be difficult to get a spot at The Fives Beach Hotel & Residences, a Playa del Carmen property that's popular with return visitors. The all-inclusive resort stands out for having a wide variety of dining options—10 restaurants and bars—as well as a lot of different activities, and, of course, beaches for days. The staff, too, inspires loyalty. They're a gracious, creative bunch who treat guests like VIPs.

But these are not normal days, and so the resort is now cutting nearly 50% off the usual rate in an effort to tempt advance bookings. The price of 3-night stays have been slashed to $849 per couple (yes, that price is for two), including all meals, drinks, and a zip line excursion.

Extra nights can be added for a reasonable price, as can more people. (There's a well-run children's club, so adding kids to a reservation would be a good thing.) At this price level, your digs will be a one-bedroom suite with a kitchen, a fold-out couch, and a king-sized bed. 

Best of all, this deal is for bookings throughout 2021. If you jump on this deal, you won't have to use it right away—you will be able to wait until later in 2021, when travel is safe again. And if travel doesn't return (we hate to think it, but you need to prepare for all possibilities nowadays), buyers can get 100% of their money back. Flights to Cancun, the nearest air gateway, are not included—later, you can decide on your own when to go.

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