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'70s Teen Heartthrob No Longer a Cruise Director

Back in December, we told you that Eight Is Enough and Charles in Charge star Willie Aames was working as a cruise-ship director on the upscale Viking Star. The 1970s teen heartthrob had been in the cruise-directing line—in charge of a ship's activities, entertainment, that sort of thing—since 2010, having previously worked with Regent Seven Seas. 

Well, it turns out Aames is calling it quits and returning to acting. After he tweeted about his involvement in a new Christmas-themed movie for the Hallmark Channel, we pointed out that he must have left the cruise ship, and Aames confirmed his departure, tweeting, "I resigned from Viking (Ocean Cruises)... The Sea no longer calls... :) #Gratefulbutoverit" He later added, "Was a very nice experience over the last 8+ years... but time to let my feet take root..."

Guess when it comes to years as a cruise director, 8+ was enough.