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$99 Fares from California to Europe? Wow!

To promote the inauguration of new service from San Francisco and Los Angeles and Europe (via Iceland), WOW Airlines is throwing a quick but impressive sale. The planes won't depart until the summer but if you book now, and are able to game the system (more on that below), you may be able to snag $99 dollar flights, each way, to Reykjavik, Iceland and $199 flights to London and other cities the carrier covers. The flights that go to the continent of Europe and the British Isles include a short stop in Iceland, during which passengers cannot leave the airport.

As for gaming the system: Though the flights commence on June 10 (five times a week from LA, four times a week form San Francisco), these low rates won't apply to every seat. Instead, customers will have to troll for "off-peak" flights. In addition, this is one of those carriers where everything is "a la carte", which means there will be hefty fees attached to baggage, in-flight meals and more. Still, even with those fees, the deal is a good one....if you can get it. And the new competition will promote lower fares overall on those routes.

To try, click here. We'd suggest doing it quickly as the airline has put aside 10% of the seats on some flights, and when they're gone the sale will be over.