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A Hotel Without Walls or Ceilings in the Swiss Alps

There's no such thing as a partial or obstructed view at the Null Stern Hotel in the Swiss Alps. 

That's because there are no such things as walls or ceilings here.

Dreamed up by conceptual artists Frank and Patrik Riklin and Daniel Charbonnier, the hotel's single "room" is actually just a double bed, incongruously set out in the open air, atop a 3,900-foot (1,200 m) peak in Switzerland's Appenzellerland region. 

(Photo by Claudio Baeggli)

As bare-bones as the experience is, it does come with butler service, as well as transportation to and from a nearby train station. The nightly rate is 295 Swiss francs (US$302). 

The project is a follow-up to a similar Null Stern endeavor from last summer that made our list of the world's weirdest hotel rooms (though that one was on a different mountain).

For more information on this year's edition or to book a stay, visit the Null Stern website. Because there's only one bed and you can only sleep in it during the warm-weather months, availability is extremely limited.