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A Novel Device for Sharing Wi-Fi in the Sky

You're at 1,600 feet and suddenly you feel the bile rising in your throat.

It's not turbulence. It's the outrageously high cost of Wi-Fi in the sky.

I wish I could tell you've we found a way to get around the exorbitant fees being charged by GoGo Worldwide, the internet provider that serves most of the major airlines. We haven't.

But USA Today has found a nifty gadget that allows users to share the stream on multiple devices. It's called Hoo Too Wireless Travel Router, it retails for $18.99 and it's about half the size of a pack of cards. With its help you can create your own little network which will then work not just for the device that you've bought the Wi-Fi on (say, your laptop), but also your other devices (it will allow you to add wi-fi onto your phone, too).

And though USA Today doesn't advocate this, my guess is that seat mates could likely also share your network, thus cutting the cost, per person, for the service.

Ahem. You didn't hear that from us.

The other terrific thing the router does is hook up to cables, useful in those antiquated hotels that provide internet access for free via cables, but not via Wi-Fi.