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A True "Wow" in Airfares to Iceland

Looks like the American takeover of Iceland is continuing apace.

In 2016 alone 325,000 Americans have made their way to this land of geysers, massive waterfalls, fermented shark treats, and Northern Lights. Since the population of Iceland is just 332,000, American visitors are on pace to outnumber the locals quite soon.

They're being helped by Iceland's upstart airline WOW. It already was undercutting the competition by several hundred dollars on round-trips between Los Angeles and San Francisco to Reykjavik. Now, instead of a limited schedule (four times a week from LA, and five times from San Francisco) WOW has announced that it will start daily service from both cities on March 27. It's adding flights from the New York area this November, and Miami in April (it already services Washington, DC).

What else is there to say but "Skál"! We'll see you in Iceland.