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After Brussels: Changing Your Flight

Because of damage and tensions resulting from the bombings in Brussels, some airlines are loosening their change fee rules for travelers heading to Europe in the coming week.

Even though the bombing did not affect its departures hall in Brussels, American Airlines (800/679-8215) will grant a one-time change fee waiver for passengers on its flights and on its codeshares with British Airways and Iberia.  If your original flight was supposed to leave before March 29, you may now change it to anytime between now and April 12 without penalty.

Changes in origin, stopover, and final destinations are also permitted if you're flying to or from Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, London, Paris, or Rotterdam.

United Airlines waives change fees for only three days: Tuesday, March 22 (the day of the violence) to Thursday, March 31, for flights to or from Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, London, Luxembourg or Paris. You must rebook to fly by April 12.

Delta Airlines restricts its change fee waiver to March 31, and changes must be requested by March 27. The rebooked travel must begin by March 31.

Air France's rules are similarly strict: You can change if you were supposed to leave by March 31, but you still have to fly by March 31 (and rebook by March 27).

The most lax rebooking policy: Passengers on a flight to or from Brussels by the Lufthansa Group (Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines, Swiss, Eurowings) may change without fee as long as they were originally due to depart by March 28. You may rebook to go anytime between now and June 30. You can even cancel without penalty.

Passengers who purchased travel insurance that includes provisions for terrorism or to cancel for any reason may, of course, cancel according to their policies. You would have had to have bought your policy before March 22—if you didn't and need to know whom to buy insurance from next time, here is a list of some of Frommer's' most trusted insurance sellers.