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Airlines Now Award Points for Airbnb Stays

As if the hotel industry didn't have enough reasons to quake in its boots over falling popularity, the airlines are now encouraging frequent flyers to choose Airbnb rentals by offering them points for stays.
Quartz reports that this week, Qantas and Virgin America notified customers that they will earn points for stays booked through their websites. 
No one is going to earn many points through the perk—after all, a one-way flight from Sydney to the U.S. West Coast would cost 45,000 points, and the Airbnb partnership only earns 1 point per dollar spent. 
But Virgin America is also offering a 20,000 point bonus to its Elevate frequent flyers who sign up as an Airbnb host and complete five nights of hosting. 
As airfares prove, the airlines are natural copycats, so look for this idea to spread in the coming months.