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Amtrak Nearly Halves the Price of Its USA Rail Pass for Summer Vacationers | Frommer's TierneyMJ/Shutterstock

Amtrak Nearly Halves the Price of Its USA Rail Pass for Summer Vacationers

And it's time for another impressive sale from Amtrak.

Over the last six months, the national railway has rolled out one discount after another, but this one should be particularly appealing for summer travelers.

It's for the USA Rail Pass, Amtrak's answer to Europe's Eurail pass. The Amtrak version lets passengers take 10 rides within a 30-day period for one single price. 

For this deal, Amtrak has hacked the usual price of the USA Rail Pass from $499 down to just $299.

To get that incredible deal, travelers must buy a pass by the end of the day on June 22 and begin traveling within 120 days (in other words, by mid-October).

There are a few minor limitations on the pass. For one, it's only good for coach class. It also can't be used on special, higher-priced products, like Acela, AutoTrain, and Maple Leaf trains, or for private rooms. Finally, the pass is only good for up to four one-way trips between any two stations—so if you were hoping to use it as a local rail pass, think again; the USA Rail Pass was designed to help you see the country.

For people who were considering a road trip this summer but didn't want the hassle of driving and buying fuel, this could be an excellent alternative. If all 10 segments are used, the per-ride cost breaks down to just $30 per segment—not bad at all considering how far you can travel on a single leg.

Click here to research more or purchase the pass—but remember, the special low price will only be on sale until June 22. After that, the price will go back up to $499.