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As We Reassess Our Travel Lives, Eagle Creek Relaunches Pack-It System | Frommer's Eagle Creek

As We Reassess Our Travel Lives, Eagle Creek Relaunches Pack-It System

It's a heck of a time to launch a new packing product, but maybe Eagle Creek is counting on our pent-up wanderlust. Or perhaps the baggage giant is hoping that we're all using the pandemic pause to throw out our lonely and long-unused luggage, Marie Kondo–style, to make room for new stuff.

Whatever the reasoning, the manufacturer has relaunched the Pack-It system of luggage organizers first introduced in the mid-1990s.

I've never been a big fan of packing cubes—I'm more of a stack-it-and-roll-it kind of guy—but there's no question that Pack-It has been popular with other travelers. And in the years since the original version was introduced, we've seen imitators pop up from ShackeeBags, RocklandParavel, and other brands . 

It's perhaps because of that rampant competition that Eagle Creek has decided to differentiate its product line by introducing oh-so-subtle variations. The company previously began selling a lightweight, ripstop fabric take on the cube called Specter.

This month's additions to the line also go granular, perhaps to flatter your self-image as a traveler. A press announcement from Eagle Creek teased out three new personalities from what you'd ordinarily think were merely compact packing organizers. The new varieties are Reveal (with "wide see-through mesh that allows a top-to-bottom view of your stuff"), Isolate ("odor control for sweaty and smelly clothes"), and Gear ("the durable option"). 

You can find the whole line—which includes pouches, folders, cubes, and cases with removable padded dividers—on Eagle Creek's official product website.

Mind you, we don't get a cut if you buy anything—we're just letting you know that this popular travel product has been redesigned in case you decide that 2021 will be the year you give your packing technique a makeover.