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Best Days in 2017 to See Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Spring will get here before you know it—and in Japan, that season means cherry blossoms decorating the country in shades of pink and white. 

Travelers who'd like to see those beautiful displays in person now have a handy resource for timing their visits to coincide with the days when trees are in peak bloom.  

The Japan Meteorological Corporation has put together an online forecast with projections for when trees will begin to flower and when they'll reach full bloom in more than a thousand locations throughout the country.

The forecast, which will be updated as conditions change, takes into account weather patterns, temperatures, tree growth, historical data, and other factors. If you're a true cherry blossom fanatic, you can also track trees' "awakening," "growth," and "full bloom" levels.

According to the site's most recent forecast, here are the best days in 2017 to see cherry blossoms in several noteworthy locales:

* Tokyo: flowering March 22, full bloom March 30

* Fukuoka: flowering March 23, full bloom April 1

* Osaka: flowering March 28, full bloom April 4

* Kyoto: flowering March 27, full bloom April 11

* Kanazawa: flowering April 6, full boom April 12

* Nagano: flowering April 9, full bloom April 14

* Muroran (Hokkaido): flowering May 6, full bloom May 11

Part of the beauty of the spectacle is its ephemerality. From the blossoms' first flowering to when they fall from the trees only takes about two weeks.