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Best Western is Discounting until February 2, and That Includes the Holidays

Best Western has announced a sale that lasts until February 2, 2014, and surprisingly it includes rooms over the busy holiday period. 

A 20 percent sale in the middle of Christmas and New Year's would be a very useful promotion, but like so many publicized sales, it's a bit squirmy about the specifics. "Guests can save up to 20 percent off at participating hotels," it claims.

Wording like that can mean two things. First, the "up to" means the discount may be for less than 20 percent. Even a discount of 1% would technically be true, and that's nothing to get excited about. Second, not all Best Westerns, which are individually owned, are joining the price cut. How can you know if the hotel you want is participating?

We asked reps from the Best Western brand how you can tell if you're getting the deal and how much you're saving. Here's how:

Step 1: Get a quote on a stay online at—and only there; not by phone, and not in person. 

Step 2: You'll often be quoted two prices: the "Internet Only" rate (that's the sale price, if that hotel is offering one) and the "Best Available Rate" (the normal price). Subtract one from the other, and that's what you're saving. 

Here's what it'll look like:

For that example, you'd save $18.60 off the regular price, or 15%. 

May the odds be ever in your favor, and may you save the full 20%.