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Bob Dylan Archive Opens in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Fans of music legend and Nobel laureate Bob Dylan will soon have another pilgrimage site to visit, alongside Hibbing, Minnesota, where he grew up; New York City's Greenwich Village, where his career began; and Mobile, where he repeatedly got stuck with the Memphis blues.

The newest stop is Tulsa, Oklahoma, where a big chunk of Dylan's 6,000-piece archive has been made available for scholarly research at that city's Gilcrease Museum.

Among the treasures in the musician's trove: handwritten lyrics, correspondence from everybody from Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones to former first lady Michelle Obama, and hours and hours of audio recordings and film reels.


At the moment, the archive is only available to scholars. But the public will get to have a look at many items, too, when the Bob Dylan Center opens in Tulsa—something that's expected to take place in two years or so.

The new facility will be housed in the same building where you'll find the Woody Guthrie Center, honoring one of Dylan's idols.