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Bowling Green Strikes Back


Today we received a topical press release from the people who promote Bowling Green, Kentucky.

It seems they've read the same headlines that we have about terrible things that never happened there.

Cleverly, they're seizing the hashtag moment to remind Americans of all the great things that truly are actually, really, honestly happening in Bowling Green. 

We won't act as factual gatekeepers for this one because the truth is the truth: Bowling Green has a lot of cool things to recommend it. They deserve to have their entire release out there, just the way they wrote it, no alternative facts inserted:


"With all the recent buzz surrounding Bowling Green, Kentucky, I thought you might be interested to get to know the real Bowling Green and all that it has to offer for families, adventure-seekers, car enthusiasts and foodies.

Located an hour north of Nashville, Bowling Green is the perfect road trip destination, and while there may not have been a massacre (#alternativefacts), there are quite a few secrets in this vibrant destination that are ready to be discovered:
• Bowling Green’s Mammoth Cave National Park is known to be the longest cave system in the world, putting it at the center of the outdoor recreational activities that make south central Kentucky’s cave country an adventure destination
• A local favorite, Chaney’s Dairy Barn is a real working family-owned dairy farm that also happens to make the best ice cream in Kentucky according to USA Today’s “The USA’s Best Ice Cream: Top Parlors in 50 States”
• Every Corvette made in the world today is produced in Bowling Green. At the GM Corvette Assembly Plant, visitors can see the step by step production of America's favorite sports car
• Bowling Green’s local natural wonder is Lost River Cave, a seven-mile cave system with a river running through it. Kentucky's only underground boat tour takes visitors on a river that Ripley's Believe It or Not claims is the shortest and deepest in the world."
Way to go, Bowling Green, for turning a political negative into a tourism positive. Gotta say—you really did kill it.
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