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Breeze Airways Expands in Westchester—And Throws a Very Good Sale | Frommer's Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways Expands in Westchester—And Throws a Very Good Sale

Nowadays, it's difficult to get an entrée at a sit-down restaurant in many U.S. cities for less than $30. But upstart airline Breeze just made $29 the sale price for flights to a number of destinations—inflation be damned!—to mark this rapidly growing little airline's most recent expansion.

Breeze is now the biggest carrier at New York's Westchester County Airport, and it announced on Friday, Oct. 7, that it will add direct flights from there to Jacksonville, Florida, on November 4 and Savannah, Georgia (flights began Oct 7).

The starting price to Savannah is just $29 each way. That low price will also apply, for a limited time (see below), to Charleston, Nashville, Norfolk, and Savannah. There are higher, but still good, one-way fares from Westchester to:

Jacksonville: $49 (flights started Oct. 6)

Sarasota-Bradenton: $39 (starting Nov. 2)

Los Angeles: $99 (starting Nov. 2)

To get in on these fare treats, flights must be booked by midnight ET on Halloween and at least 7 days before travel. Discounts apply to flights from November 1 through Valentine's Day, 2023, but the lowest-priced tickets could sell out, so it would be the better part of wisdom to book soon.

Breeze's footprint is growing monthly, but right now, alongside Westchester, its major hubs are Las Vegas (Nevada), Provo (Utah), Columbus (Ohio), Akron/Canton (Ohio), Charleston (South Carolina), New Orleans (Louisiana), Hartford (Connecticut), and Florida (Tampa, Jacksonville, and Palm Beach).

Breeze never charges change or cancellation fees and it offers a 24-month window for rebooking. Yes, it does have a lot of other fees for basic amenities like seat assignments and luggage, but at these low rates, those sting a bit less.

To learn more or to book, go to the Breeze Airways website.