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Bulletproof Wall Soon to Surround Base of Eiffel Tower

A wall is being put up around the base of the Eiffel Tower, Paris officials have announced.

The "aesthetic perimeter," as it's being euphemistically called, will be made of bulletproof glass and will stand 2.5 meters (8 feet) high. It's expected to cost €20 million ($21 million) and be finished sometime this fall.

The move is being made in response to security concerns. France has been the target of a number of terrorist acts in recent months; earlier in February, a man wielding a machete tried to attack a group of soldiers in a shopping mall near the Louvre. 

In addition to encountering a new wall, the Eiffel Tower's nearly 7 million annual visitors will also have to pass through security checkpoints, even if they don't intend to go to the top. Additionally, the walkways around the tower will be reconfigured so that crowd traffic can be monitored more easily.