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Coming Soon: Planes with Skylights?

In the never-ending quest to figure out new enticements to squeeze cash out of passengers, airline operators in a corner: There's not much space to add more stuff.

According to The Telegraph, an aviation inventor has come up with a new twist. It's a bubble-shaped skylight that passengers can pop their heads into, giving them a 360-degree view of the sky as they fly through it.

As envisioned, the bubble would be positioned near the rear of the jet, where wind drag would be close to negligible, and treated to prevent both condensation and UV rays.

Naturally, airlines would charge people to get near them. But just imagine the future: Airports full of planes with heads popping out of them, like meerkats with black credit cards, so everyone will know who's the richest person on board.

The developer put together this video to show an extreme, Jetsons-style application of how the seating might work. Watch it and tell us you wouldn't want to sit here during a 10-hour flight. Not that any airlines are currently installing them—no takers so far—but it's now on the menu for the future.