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Cooking with a Hotel Room Hair Dryer

Slow news week! Here's a little offbeat hotel room cooking tip that has been making the rounds. Both NPR and ABC have aired discussions about how to cook simple foods with a hair dryer. Apparently—did you know this?—the concept was introduced in the 1970s by a chef who discovered it helped make perfectly crispy duck skin. 
GMA went so far as to point one of the hair care appliances at a raw s'more. The ever-impatient Lara Spencer didn't perservere long enough to actually cook it (although she did find the time for a debate about how to pronounce "s'more"), but you get the idea—hair dryers can melt cheese, heat up food, and perform a few other basic tasks.  
You probably never considered this before because, you know, it's kind of gross. So just keep this travel tip in your holster for now.