Are You a Morbid Millionaire? Lizzie Borden's House-Turned-B&B Is for Sale

By Zac Thompson

Posted on 01/15/2021, 7:00 PM

As if we didn't already know the real estate market can be murder, the house-turned-inn where one of the most notorious double homicides in U.S. history took place is now for sale.  Located in Fall River, Massachusetts, the three-story, dark green clapboard home became a gruesome crime scene in the summer of 1892, when Lizzie Borden's father and stepmother were butchered with an ax.  Borden ...

Graceland Launches What May Be The Priciest Virtual Tours in the World

By Pauline Frommer

Posted on 01/15/2021, 6:00 PM

At the time of Elvis Presley's death in 1977, there were fewer than 200 Elvis impersonators. In 2015, the count was estimated at more than 250,000, according to Clearly, the King's reign did not end when the Grim Reaper came for him. The pop idol, both in life and after it, has sold more than $1 billion worth of records; by most estimates, his estate is worth over $300 million today....

Work from the Beach in Aruba at These Seaside Desks

By Zac Thompson

Posted on 01/14/2021, 6:00 PM

Remote workers who are determined to have the most impressive background on Zoom calls have a tempting new option in Aruba.  The Caribbean island's Boardwalk Boutique Hotel has set up outdoor workstations right on the beach and next to the pool.  Shaded by a palapa or tropical greenery, each station is equipped with Wi-Fi as well as a weathered wooden desk and brightly colored chair. We'd de...

Norwegian Gives Up: Low-Cost Airline Will No Longer Serve American Cities

By Jason Cochran

Posted on 01/14/2021, 1:00 PM

More than 40 airlines have claimed insolvency in the age of Covid-19, but for American budget travelers, this carrier may prove to be the most missed. Norwegian Air, which was already having a hard time before the pandemic, has officially axed long-haul flights in a bid to stay aloft within Europe. "The executives of Norwegian Air have made unusually optimistic projections," wrote Arthur Fro...

As We Reassess Our Travel Lives, Eagle Creek Relaunches Pack-It System

By Jason Cochran

Posted on 01/14/2021, 11:00 AM

It's a heck of a time to launch a new packing product, but maybe Eagle Creek is counting on our pent-up wanderlust. Or perhaps the baggage giant is hoping that we're all using the pandemic pause to throw out our lonely and long-unused luggage, Marie Kondo–style, to make room for new stuff. Whatever the reasoning, the manufacturer has relaunched the Pack-It system of luggage organizers first int...

Tomb of Rome's First Emperor to Reopen to Public After Years of Closure

By Pauline Frommer

Posted on 01/13/2021, 5:00 PM

Tourists heading to Rome will soon have one more magnificent ruin to add to their dance cards. In March, after 13 years of excavation, research, and renovation, the tomb of the ancient Empire's first emperor will reopen. The largest circular tomb in the world (pictured above), it has been closed to the public for the better part of the past 80 years. It was built by and for Augustus, which m...

"The Queen’s Gambit”: Your Best Moves If You Want to Check Its Kentucky Setting

By Zac Thompson

Posted on 01/12/2021, 7:00 PM

The Queen's Gambit, which set records in November as Netflix's most watched miniseries ever, might have made you curious about Lexington, Kentucky. That's where much of the coming-of-age story (based on Walter Tevis's 1983 novel) about troubled chess prodigy Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy) takes place.  Though scenes were actually shot in Ontario and Berlin, several real-life Lexington busines...

Jaw-Dropping Prices on Autumn Airfare to Europe on Sale This Week

By Pauline Frommer

Posted on 01/12/2021, 6:00 PM

On January 11, 2021, a total of 708,177 passengers were screened by TSA agents at U.S. airports. A year ago on the same day, the number was 1,992,453. And that 65% drop is spawning some extraordinary airfare discounts. I told you last week about American Airlines' new daily deals page, which on its very first day gave away free flights for kids to the Caribbean. The big news is that American...

Download TSA’s Free 2021 Calendar of Airport Security Dogs

By Zac Thompson

Posted on 01/11/2021, 8:00 PM

We've learned from experience that if you wait until January to select your annual wall calendar from whatever's left in the clearance bin, anything featuring the cutest animals will definitely be gone.  But thanks to the Transportation Security Administration, you don't have to settle for 12 months of blobfish or naked mole-rats.  The government agency released a 2021 TSA Canine Calendar sh...

Key West Cruise Ban Poised to Be Overruled

By Jason Cochran

Posted on 01/11/2021, 3:00 PM

We have an update on the Key West cruise ban. Remember in November when the people of that Florida city decided that cruises were more of a headache than they were worth?  On Election Day, Conchs (which is what local Key Westers call themselves) voted nearly 2 to 1 to limit cruise passengers to 1,500 per day, effectively excluding large ships from calling at the Port of Key West. Residents a...

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