Airbnb Vows to Root Out Racism, but Blocks Ability to Sue

By Zac Thompson

Posted on 06/20/2016, 8:30 AM

Airbnb has responded to complaints from some users that they've had trouble booking rooms on the popular online vacation-rental site because of their race. The evidence isn't just anecdotal, either; in December, Harvard University (PDF) researchers found that guests with African-American-sounding names had a difficult time renting rooms through the site. Now Airbnb vows to weed out hosts who ...

Walking in Memphis: That'll Be $10, Please

By Zac Thompson

Posted on 06/20/2016, 8:00 AM

It'll cost you $10 to enter Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, on Saturday nights for the time being. Following a spate of violence along the beloved thoroughfare lined with blues bars, barbecue joints, and dance clubs, the city has introduced the entrance fee as a way of keeping out underage drinkers and troublemakers. The cover charge applies only on Saturday nights after 10 p.m.—in other wo...

An End in Sight for Hidden Resort Fees?

By Zac Thompson

Posted on 06/17/2016, 8:45 AM

You know when you see a hotel rate online and then later during the booking process you find out you're going to have to pay a mandatory "resort fee" not included in the advertised rate? Makes you feel kind of cheated, doesn't it? Well, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) could be coming to the rescue. Sources tell the Washington Post that the consumer protection agency is looking for ways to ...

Disney Comes to Shanghai, the Watergate Reopens, and More: Your Travel Briefing

By Zac Thompson

Posted on 06/16/2016, 9:15 AM

Merchandise at Shanghai Disneyland (Mooshuu/Flickr) Your Daily Travel Briefing is our new daily roundup of travel-related news and information gathered from all over. Check this space each weekday for fresh updates. Here's what's going on in the world of travel today. * SHANGHAI DISNEYLAND OPENS TO THE PUBLIC (Chicago Tribune). And reports indicate the park is a stunner—colossal in scope...

Travel Briefing: Airport Lines, An Imploded Casino, and More

By Zac Thompson

Posted on 06/15/2016, 9:15 AM

The Riviera in Las Vegas (photo by Ashwin Kumar/Flickr) Welcome to the middle of the week! And welcome to our brand-new daily roundup of travel-related news and information gathered from across the internet. Check this space daily for fresh updates. Here's what's going on in the world of travel today. * ORLANDO THEME PARKS STEPPING UP SECURITY AFTER NIGHTCLUB SHOOTING (New York Times). Y...

The RV Revival Kicks Into High Gear—Should You Climb on Board?

By Zac Thompson

Posted on 06/08/2016, 1:45 PM

(Photo by faungg's photos / Flickr) Welcome to the RV renaissance. After some dark days during the 2008 recession—when many belt-tightening Americans found it difficult to justify investing in recreation, let alone a recreational vehicle—the RV industry has made an impressive comeback. Sales are way up; nearly 400,000 vehicles are expected to be shipped this year, compared to the dismal...

A Shrine to Wine Opens in France (Where Else?)

By Zac Thompson

Posted on 06/06/2016, 4:30 PM

La Cité du Vin, Bordeaux (patrick janicek / Flickr) Dubbed the "Guggenheim of wine," France's brand-new La Cité du Vin, which opened last week in Bordeaux, is clearly intended as an august monument to all things wine in a country that has been producing the stuff for centuries. At the museum's dedication, French President Francois Hollande declared it an "emblem of excellence" and a "symbo...

Welcome to LA's New Observation Deck

By Jason Cochran

Posted on 05/25/2016, 2:15 PM

Skyspace's Skyslide was lifted into place in mid-March (Photo Credit: OUE Skyspace) We're amidst heady days for Los Angeles tourism. Last week, the city's Metro system scored a major advance for visitors intent on avoiding traffic. It opened an extension of its Expo Line that can now take you all the way to Santa Monica's world-famous beach to Hollywood to Universal Studios—all without a c...

London's Olympic Tower Adds...a Slide?

By Jason Cochran

Posted on 05/25/2016, 1:45 PM

ArcelorMittal Orbit The ArcelorMittal Orbit, a twisting metal tower rising 376 ft/114.5 m from Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London, was built for the 2012 Summer Games. It was bankrolled by a steel concern that was eager to piggyback its brand onto Olympic glory, and it was hoped that "Britain's tallest sculpture," which included an observation deck and much promotion of its recycl...

Why Las Vegas is Now Gearhead Heaven

By Pauline Frommer

Posted on 05/24/2016, 5:00 PM

Everyone knows Las Vegas as a place to gamble, hear a concert, writhe at a nightclub or get hitched in a quickie ceremony officiated by “Elvis”. But in the last decade or so, it’s also become a major destination for gearheads….and the friends and family who put up with them. Speed is the primary lure. Vegas is a city that celebrates the “vroom vroom” impulse at several different venues, the m...

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