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Delta Might Bring Back Free Meals in Economy

Delta Air Lines might bring back free meals for passengers in the economy section on some transatlantic flights.

Since November 1, the Atlanta-based carrier has been testing complimentary breakfast and lunch for people in coach on certain trips between New York and Los Angeles. The test period ends on December 15, at which point the airline will take a close look at customer satisfaction, budgetary feasibility, and other factors.

If Delta reinstates free meals in the economy cabin, it would be the first major airline to do so since 2010, when Continental did away with the service while merging with United.

No matter what, though, Delta is upgrading its snack offerings—which have always been free, even when United and American discontinued their complimentary snacks during the lean years after 9/11 (both have since resumed giving out pretzels and such gratis).  

Starting on December 15, flight crews will be doling out Snyder's of Hanover pretzels, Squirrel Brand honey-roasted peanuts, and NatureBox apple cinnamon yogurt bars, in addition to the Biscoff cookies they're already giving out. Additionally, the new snack portions will be bigger than the current ones.