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Discount Airline Coming to Newark

Allegiant Air will soon begin offering flights to and from Newark Liberty International Airport. That makes it the airport's first discount carrier since a government lawsuit charged United Airlines with monopolizing takeoff and landing slots there. Starting in November, you'll be able to fly on Allegiant between Newark and Cincinnati, Ohio; Savannah, Georgia; Asheville, North Carolina; and Knoxville, Tennessee. Fares start at $39 one way.

We know that sounds like a big bargain, but there's something to keep in mind about Allegiant and other similar low-cost airlines: they start with a super-low base fare, but then tack on fees for any and all extras. You'll be charged for booking flights online, using a credit card, picking a seat in advance, bringing a carry-on bag, and beverage service. Basically, the starting fare is for the sole privilege of sitting on the plane—which, by the way, will have a little less legroom than you'll get on a full-service airline like United, Delta, or American Airlines.