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Download TSA’s Free 2021 Calendar of Airport Security Dogs | Frommer's Transportation Security Administration

Download TSA’s Free 2021 Calendar of Airport Security Dogs

We've learned from experience that if you wait until January to select your annual wall calendar from whatever's left in the clearance bin, anything featuring the cutest animals will definitely be gone. 

But thanks to the Transportation Security Administration, you don't have to settle for 12 months of blobfish or naked mole-rats. 

The government agency released a 2021 TSA Canine Calendar showcasing 13 hardworking pooches (one for each month, plus another for looking ahead to 2022) that sniff out potential security issues at airports across the United States.

The calendar can be downloaded for free at

In addition to photos of the animals, the PDF includes trivia about the TSA's canine training program and details about each month's featured pup. 

October's very good girl, for instance, is Rea (pictured above), a German shepherd employed at San Francisco International Airport. According to the calendar, she enjoys hikes and squeaky toys. 

The agency notes that there are "more than 1,000 TSA canine teams deployed nationwide," but, as the Arizona Republic points out, passengers should always refrain from petting or feeding airport security dogs because they've got a job to do. 

That means this free canine calendar is the best way to get to know them.