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Dream Job Alert! Drink Beer and Hike Mountains All Day for $20,000 | Frommer's Devil's Backbone Brewing Company

Dream Job Alert! Drink Beer and Hike Mountains All Day for $20,000

Know anyone looking for a job?

Or should I ask, "Do you live under a rock?" Of course you know someone who is unemployed right now.

And if that's not you, be a mensch and tell your friends about this sweet opportunity to make money. The person who lands the position gets $20,000.

The Devil's Backbone Brewing Company is looking for a "Chief Hiking Officer" for 2021. Whoever gets the gig will be entrusted with the challenging task of hiking all 2,200 miles of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine—while drinking a lot of craft beer. And documenting the experience of drinking a lot of craft beer while hiking.

The brewers are looking for what used to be known as an "influencer" (does such a person exist anymore?), so they'll be checking out the Instagram accounts and blogs of the applicants as part of the vetting process.

You'll also need to show your backcountry bona fides, because the 5–7 month journey on the trail is a notoriously strenuous one. For this job, the trek will involve the added difficulty of carrying all the food, gear, and beer the company supplies. You'll camp at night and hike all day. The CHO will be expected to attend some beer parties along the trail as well. That part certainly doesn't sound too bad.

All expenses will be paid, on top of the $20,000 stipend. Are you the imbiber for the job? Then just apply with Devil's Backbone. And good luck! (Or I should I say, "Cheers!")