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Floating Bike Path Being Built Around Italy's Lake Garda | Frommer's Pixabay

Floating Bike Path Being Built Around Italy's Lake Garda

A new cycling route that seems destined to be considered one of the world's most beautiful is under construction in northern Italy

Encircling the famously crystal-clear Lake Garda, which stretches from the foothills of the Dolomites in the north to vineyards and villas at the southern end, the 87-mile-long, 8.5-foot-wide path will give bicyclists the sensation of floating while pedaling 197 feet above the water. 

The platform—dubbed Garda by Bike—is being built from wood and steel, with iron fencing designed to keep riders safe without obstructing views of mountains, the lake, and quaint villages along the way. The structure is supported by thick metal rods that extend from the cliffside.

The path will be accessible to pedestrians, too, and, according to CNN, scenic viewpoints and refreshment stands will eventually be installed. 

The first section of the route, near the town of Limone Sul Garda on the northwestern side of the lake, is scheduled to open in July. The entire project is expected to be completed in 2021.