This weekend, Nov. 11 and 12, entry to many (but not all) national parks will be free in honor of Veterans Day.

The National Park Service has posted a state-by-state list of the free parks at this link.

If you love these free days as much as we do, buckle up. The U.S. Government is floating a plan to vastly increase their entry costs. Despite the fact your income taxes go to support these pristine places, your current leaders want to slash funding by $380 million and as much as triple prices. In some cases, it will cost $70 to get into a park, putting it well out of range of a sizable portion of incomes in the United States.

If you think this is a terrible idea, like we do, you don't have much time left to register your displeasure during the public comment period. You'll find a link to that site in our post covering the proposed fee hikes.

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