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Free Stay in Tahiti If You Go to New Zealand

The thing that stops most people from going to French Polynesia is the cost. It can cost as much to fly midway across the South Pacific to Tahiti as it can to go all the way across the ocean to New Zealand or Australia. Air Tahiti Nui has announced a great deal that makes it easier: a free three-night stopover, hotel included, for passengers who book round-trip tickets from Los Angeles to Auckland, New Zealand.

You'd have to stop there anyway when flying Air Tahiti Nui, so why not get off the plane and enjoy those famous beaches?

The deal is good from August 22, 2015, until March 31, 2016, minus nine days in the middle of December (interestingly, you can still use the deal over Christmas or New Year's).

One you buy airfare (which starts at under $1,200 round-trip from LAX), you can tack on a three-night stay in the middle at Le Meridien Tahiti or the Manava Suite Resort, and you get a premium beachfront room. If you want a fancier room, such as an overwater bungalow, you can upgrade for $300 to $400, or for $90 you can bump up to resorts of a slightly higher grade, InterContinental Resort Tahiti or the Pearl Beach Resort Tahiti.

To get the deal, called the Free Three-Night South Pacific Hopper Promotion, go to or call 877/824-4846.

Bookings must be made by June 22, but for some free layovers in other places that are available year-round, check out our recent feature on free stopovers.