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Gettysburg is booked for its 150th anniversary, but there are ways

The hotels around Gettysburg, PA, are already jammed for the massive 150th commemoration of the seminal Civil War battle of 1863. There will be a huge re-enactment on July 4 to 7, and tparticipants snapped up lodging months ago, meaning that even a room in the Super 8 can hit you for $250 a night.

You can still participate in the once-in-a-lifetime re-creation, though. The city has set up a toll-free number, 800/337-5015, for people who are searching for available rooms in and around the town. 

Barring that, hotels are less expensive in cities an hour or so away, including Hagerstown, MD, to the southwest, York, PA, to the east, and Harrisburg, PA, to the north. In a pinch, try Baltimore, a 75-minute drive away. Slightly inconvenient — or you wait another 150 years for the next one.

Gettysburg's official site for the 150th anniversary events,, links to a free app for historic walking tours around the big events in town. You can download it by clicking here