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Grand Canyon Rafting Trips Are Already Filling Up for 2022 | Frommer's mattfrancey/Shutterstock

Grand Canyon Rafting Trips Are Already Filling Up for 2022

Imagine owning a business that, year after year, mostly sells out its products just minutes after they're released to the public. And this is for something that won't be used until two-plus years after the date of sale.

That business is Western River Expeditions and it has the good fortune of being a well-respected purveyor of a true "bucket list" experience: rafting trips through the Grand Canyon. Only a certain number of permits are distributed each year to the outfitters who create vacations along the Colorado River, and the rapid rate at which the trips are sold is best compared to the vending of hotcakes.

The next set of available vacations, for 2022, will go on sale at 6pm PT on December 1. In addition to the classic floats in the Grand Canyon, Western River Expeditions sells rafting trips in Utah's Canyonlands National Park as well as in the petroglyph-filled Desolation Canyon on the Green River, also in Utah. (That one is gentle enough for families with young children; prepare for your own trip by downloading the Frommer's guide to the entire area for only $6).

But what if you are looking to take this sort of adventure in 2021? The company notes that it has added a few trips for spring, and although summer sold out a long time ago, there are sometimes cancellations.

So set and alert!

(By the way, we have no affiliation with this company—it's just a cool opportunity that sells out every year, so we thought you deserved a heads-up.)